Engagement platform and real-time analytics for SMBs

Krux Apps is now Krux SMB Some exciting new developments are happening in the Krux family.  We’ll be transitioning from our Apps platform to the SMB (small to mid-size businesses) platform over the next couple weeks and months – depending

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Ridiculously real-time analytics – a message to our users

New real-time analytics in May 2013 We’d like to thank the 1,000+ sites that joined our Krux Apps beta journey over the past year.  We’ve heard your feedback and planned some amazing enhancements for 2013.The new features will include real-time

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7 ways to increase Twitter followers

Have you been trying to figure out how to crack the Twitter follower egg?  Twitter followers may not be the right metric to measure social marketing success, but they will get you more exposure and expand your reach. Being a

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Social marketing 101, Part 2 – tools every website should use

In Part 1 we reviewed the difference between ‘social sharing’ tools and ‘follow us’ tools.  In Part 2, we will review which ‘follow us’ tools to use, including the type of content you should include and how often to broadcast

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Social marketing 101, Part 1 – tools every website should use

You have a website because you want people to learn more about who you are and what you do, connect with like-minded people, view ads on your site, or you’d like them to purchase something. You’ve probably spent many hours

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increase ad revenue and sales with social sharing

If you don’t have a social widget, you’re missing out on new leads and brand awareness opportunities. If you already have a social widget, do you know how many of your competitors are getting access to your audience interest data?

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follow krux apps on youtube, twitter, and facebook

Want more good stuff? Krux Apps is on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook so you can keep up with all the good news and continue to learn about how to make more money while making your life easier with Krux Apps.  We’ll include guides and videos

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